U90 Rack Stand For Stages 1-3

U90 Rack Stand For Stages 1-3 3.5 out of 5 based on 39 ratings.

The PowerBlock Urethane Series U-125 Rack Stand can be used with any Sport, Classic, Pro Series, or Urethane Series PowerBlock Dumbbell sets. The PowerBlock KettleBell Platform that holds the PowerBlock KettleBell handle insert for the U-50/90 and U-90 sets may also be used with the U-125 Stand simply by inserting it in the stand top for easy storage and use when converting your.

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The U90 Dumbbell Set comes in two seperate stages Stage 1: Has a weight range of 1kg-22.5kg per hand. This stage 1 set replaces the need for 20 pairs of traditional fixed weigth dumbbells Stage 2: When the stage 2 is added the U90 set has an equivalent of 28 pairs of dumbbells with the total set of weight plates delivering 1kg – 41kg per hand

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