Wellness Ball Active Sitting – 65cm

Wellness Ball Active Sitting – 65cm 4.5 out of 5 based on 45 ratings.

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standing and sitting positions. The goal is to spend at least two hours of an eight-.

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The Technogym Wellness Ball – Active Sitting (65cm) is a fantastic way to stay active in your everyday lifestyle which often includes sedentary behaviours. With this ball, time spent sitting, such as at home in your leisure time or at work, can be an opportunity to keep your body moving.

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prolonged sitting at work raises the risk of dying from cardiac and metabolic diseases. Frightened by the knowledge of what “taking a.

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Wellness Ball Active Sitting is an exercise ball that can also be used as an alternative to traditional seating to really workout your core muscles: it allows you to stay in motion while sitting. With Wellness Ball Active Sitting your back actually performs a series of micromovements that improve the spine-stabilising action of of your.

The Wellness Ball™-Active Sitting is a high-end product that adds a stylish touch to any home and office, and allows users to work or rest in complete comfort while training their back and core muscles at the same time for better posture and stability.

the ‘wellness ball’ offers workers improved posture and muscle activation while sitting at their deskall images courtesy technogym. technogym active sitting: exercise ball vs office chair

“You can sit and you can feel like you’re helping yourself a little bit,” said the co-worker, named Emily. Under-the-desk bikes and ellipticals are becoming a new standard in office movement. Wellness.

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With Wellness Ball™ – Active Sitting, your back performs a series of micro-movements that improve the spine-stabilizing action of your abdominal and lumbar muscles, known as the CORE muscles and also allows you to effortlessly perform stretching, muscle strengthening, toning and elongation exercises in a small space.

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