Perform 215 Recumbent Cycle

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The York Perform 215 Recumbent Cycle provides a smooth and comfortable ride that ensures you get the most out of every training session. Featuring a solid and sturdy frame, this user-friendly home cycle comes equipped with a 9kg flywheel, ensuring silky smooth operation.

"By having the cyclists train for an average of 15 to 20 hours every week for a year, we were able to ensure they could perform at optimum levels of fitness this week", explains trainer Jelle de Jong.

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The York Perform 215 Recumbent bike combines a wide range of resistance levels with a variety of training programs, including some user defined options, to make this cycle one of the best recumbent bikes on the market in terms of quality and value for money.

Recumbent Bike Vs. Treadmill for Weight Loss – The truth is that you can burn an equal number of calories on either the recumbent bike or treadmill. The issue is efficiency. Because the treadmill recruits more muscle groups, it will burn calories.

The York Perform 215 Recumbent Cycle is another highest selling exercise bike of York Fitness that requires mains supply to operate and is loaded with many attractive features like transport wheel, adjustable seat, adjustable pedal etc, for a comfortable workout. York Perform 215 Recumbent Cycle has a flywheel of 9 kg and works on a 32 levels of magnetic resistance.

Look for recumbent bikes with built-in fitness monitors that can automatically estimate the number of calories burned.

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The new Perform 215 is one of the few recumbent exercise bikes that York have produced, so we were keen to give it a try to find out what it’s like! As with all recumbent bikes, assembly is a bit more time consuming than an upright bike, but with the help of a 2nd person, it shouldn’t take any longer than 45 minutes and the instructions are relatively clear.

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