190lbs Weight Stack Upgrade

190lbs Weight Stack Upgrade 5 out of 5 based on 27 ratings.

The 190lb stack is in 10lb increments as an upgrade to cable pulley machines such as the Functional Trainer or Lat Tower Option. In combination with the standard weight horns, total weight resistance is increased up to 500lbs.

Powertec 190lbs Weight Stack Upgrade Product Code: PTWS190 Boost the resistance on your Powertec Lat Tower Option (PTWBLTO16) or Lat Machine (PTPLM16) with this 190lbs (85.5lbs) weight stack upgrade with 10lbs increments and colour coding.

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With each upgrade to this stat, you’ll expand your weight capacity. This allows you to carry more items and more weight. As you reach your capacity, you’ll move slower than normal. If you continue to.

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The Powertec 190lbs Weight Stack upgrades the standard weight stack on your Lat Tower Option (PTWBLTO16) or Lat Machine (PTPLM16) so you can drive your power to new heights. Made of solid steel, the stack offers an extra 190lbs of resistance, which can be altered in 10lbs increments.

So your 190bs weight stack can go up to whatever the capacity the machine is! The weight stack goes up in 10lbs increments. It is numbered from 20 to 200 pounds – the weight carriage weighs 10 pounds. So in reality, with the weight carriage, you have 200lbs in total. The weight stacks are for.

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