Heart Rate Receiver Kit For Pacific & Viking Rower (no Belt)

Heart Rate Receiver Kit For Pacific & Viking Rower (no Belt) 5 out of 5 based on 35 ratings.

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FluidRower Heart Rate Receiver Kit for PACIFIC (No Belt).

(No Belt) FluidRower Heart Rate Receiver Kit for PACIFIC (No Belt) FluidRower Heart Rate Receiver Kit for PACIFIC (No Belt).

This is a Heart Rate Receiver Kit for the Pacific & Viking Rowers only. You will also require a transmitter belt (sold separately) This kit is compatible.

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FluidRower Rower Heart Rate Kit (USB models) No Belt . To enable your heart rate to be displayed on Fluid Rower monitor (Transmitter belt also required) £40.00 Fitness Superstore. To the shop . Other interesting products.

Heart Rate Receiver Kit (Fluid Rower)NO BELT.

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